LET US STOP AND WEEP (ongoing since 2000)

LET US STOP AND WEEP is a narrative-based participatory performance and installation. It is a body of work, divided in short tales, based on the experience of uprooting and inspired by the poetry and life of Imru’l Qais – امرؤ القيس, a nomad Arab tribal king and author of one of seven famous “suspended poems” from the time of Jahiliyyah, the pre-Islamic era. It's composed by images, documents, archives, texts, audio-visual materials and objects that do not participate in History, they do not have causes or effects; They’re just locked in their own reality and decaying in time. They are also a meditation on origins; its ruins and wanderings. Along the way, one's self is defined by what identity has essentially lost and by a sense of amnesia and loss.



LET US STOP AND WEEP - Eglise (Palermo, Sicily Feb.2020)


LET US STOP AND WEEP - Scafolding (Athens, Greece May 2023)