NB This is not a website but a notebook.
Most bodies of works presented here are only sketches, drawings or thoughts.
Their final form takes shape when exhibited in real space & time.

Georges Salameh

Greek-Lebanese artist whose work is predominantly lens-based.
Born in Beirut, 1973.
Studied Film at Paris VIII St. Denis.
Lived in Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, France and Sicily.
Since 1998, created video & photographic installations, directed documentaries and essay films.

CAHIERS DE LA PAIX (1998-2006)



"My work is an idiosyncratic experience of the notion of sedimentation, both in the physical and metaphysical sense. Mediterranean basin & sea, archives, documents, reconstructions, gestures, peripatetics & a sense of listening, take the viewer on a poetic meander, through creative comparison of reality, of languages and of narrations."

collaborations (selected)

DEPRESSION ERA collective's co-founder & contributing artist (Athens, Greece 2011-...)

PHASES MAGAZINE - contributing editor (France/Greece 2015 - 2017)

URBANAUTICA INSTITUTE - contributing editor (Treviso, Italy June 2015-...)

curatorship (selected)

VENTO DEL NORD - film festival program curator (Lampedusa, Italy July 2011)

OPEN ARMS - curator online platform (Athens, Greece August 2013 - )
OPEN ARMS on instagram

MAPPING MEMORIES - review for WIP magazine (Thessaloniki, Greece 2014)

DEPRESSION ERA - co-curator of the collective's installation within the 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki Greece July-Sept 2015)

ORMOS - curator Exhibition (Palermo, Italy January 2016)

DEPRESSION ERA - co-curator of the collective's exhibition at SLOUGHT (Philadelphia, USA Jan-Feb. 2019)

PLATEAU 034 - co-curator of the exhibition at Zoetrope (Athens, Greece, June 2019)

DEPRESSION ERA - co-curator of the collective's TOURISTS installation within 13,700,000 km^3 exhibition at Pythagorion Art Space (Samos, Greece, August 4–September 30, 2019 )


ORIGINI (Palermo, Italy March 2015)

PERIPATETICS (Athens, Greece Feb-March 2016)

OPEN ARCHIVE (Philadelphia, USA Jan 2019)

talks (selected)


MINIMUM - PHASES MAGAZINE (Palermo, Italy 2016)

ORAMA - BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY (Athens, Greece 2017)

Mobilities in/of Crises: Critical InvestigationsCAESURA (Athens, Greece 2018)

interviews (selected)

URBANAUTICA (Italy 2015)

Velvet Eyes (UK 2018)


exhibitions & film festivals (selected)

HEAR YOU, ATHENS - Photographic Aspects and Views - Benaki Museum (Athens, Greece Sept 2001)

MOUNT FALAKRO - Trieste Documentary Film Festival (Trieste, Italy Jan 2008)

SCRUSCIU - International Kansk Video festival (Kansk, Russia August 2008)

MAESMAK - Luksuz Film Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia Sept 2009) Best Experimental Film

MAESMAK - CON-CAN Movie Festival (Tokyo, Japan Sept 2009) Audience Special Award

MAESMAK - Strange Screen Experimental Film Festival (Thessaloniki, Greece Oct 2009) 2nd prize for Best Experimental Video

MAESMAK - Teheran Short Film Festival (Teheran, Iran, Nov 2009) Best Documentary International Competition

HAFEZ FROM ANFEH - Third Nature - Antonopoulou Art Gallery (Athens, Greece June 2010)

RED POKER - Détours S8mm Film Festival (Santorini, Greece August 2010)

TI VITTI - FICTS (Italy, Dec 2012) Guirlande d’Honneur for Best Documentary

SPLEEN - No Country For Young Men - Bozar (Bruxelles, Belgium March 2014)

LET US STOP AND WEEP - Origini - Dimora OZ (Palermo, Italy March 2015)

NABIL & CORNI - Depression Era - Biennale 5 (Thessaloniki, Greece July-Sept 2015)

REFUGE DREAMGROVE - Alien Territory - Medphoto (Rethymno, Greece June-Sept 2016)

ISOLITUDUNE - Whitelight - Shed (London, UK, March 2017)

THE INVISIBLE HANDS - Documenta14 (Athens, Greece, April-June 2017)

NABIL & CORNI - TOURISTS - Culturescapes (Basel, Switzerland, Oct. 2017 - Jan. 2018)

SPLEEN - CRITICAL ARCHIVES III: IDENTITIES - Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete (Rethymno, Greece, Jan-March 2018)

THE INVISIBLE HANDS - Berlinale Forum Expanded (Berlin, Germany, February 2018)

HEAR YOU, ATHENS - Anatomy of Political Melancholy (Samos, Greece, summer 2018)

PHOTO-GRAPHE - Benaki Museum (Athens, Greece, Nov. 2018-Jan.2019)

SPLEEN - Depression Era - SLOUGHT (Philadelphia, USA Jan-Feb. 2019)

HEAR YOU, ATHENS Anatomy of Political Melancholy (Athens, Greece, Feb.-April 2019)

HOTEL HELLASTOURISTS13,700,000 km^3 - Pythagorion Art Space (Samos, Greece, August 4–September 30, 2019 )

MAESMAK - A Field Guide To Getting Lost Vol.2 (Aegina, Greece. Sept.2019)

features & editorials (selected)


AINT BAD MAGAZINE - edition (USA 2014)


SUDARIO (Italy 2015)

APERTURE MAGAZINE - edition (USA 2016)

C41 MAGAZINE - feature (Italy 2016)

PHASES MAGAZINE - feature (France/Greece 2018)

LIFO - feature (Greece 2018)

L'OEIL DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE - feature (France 2018)

REVUE CAMERA - edition (France 2018)

HARPER'S MAGAZINE- edition (USA 2019)

bibliography (selected)

PHOTOGRAPHIC ASPECTS AND VIEWS - exhibition catalogue (Greece 2001)

SPLEEN/DEPRESSION ERA - exhibition catalogue (Greece 2011)

ΝΟΜΙΚΗ ΒΙΒΛΙΟΘΙΚΗ - book cover (Greece 2015)

KASTANIOTIS - book cover (Greece 2018)

KASTANIOTIS - book cover (Greece 2018)

POINT DE FUITE - book edition (France 2019)

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