All photo prints are:
Edition 1/2, plus one artist print & one museum print.
Variable print size, depending on body of work.
Analog 35mm & medium format Mamiya 7II or FUJI digital medium format camera.
Porta160 - Portra 400 Kodak negative or 35mm slides scanned on Hasselblad/Imacon scanner - Offset printed on Hahnemuhle Baryta 315gr or Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gr.
Mounted on Aluminium Dibond with antireflective museum glass and framed.
Signed and numbered.

prints available first or second edition for sale

from the body of work HEAR YOU, ATHENS (1998-2006)

balcony 50x75 or 75x108 cm

subway tickets 50x75 or 75x108 cm

Cavafy 50x75 or 75x108 cm

black light 50x75 or 75x108 cm

Athenian face 50x75 or 75x108 cm

farewell  50x75 or 75x108 cm

from the body of work SPLEEN (2009-2017)

sweeper 75x108 cm

blue explosion 100x126 cm

broken nose 75x108 cm

black stairs 108x75 cm

from the body of work ISOLITUDINE (2005-2017)

Piano Battaglia 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

agavi 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

belvedere 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

costume nero 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

3 palme regine 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

from the body of work LET US STOP AND WEEP (2000 - )

power sattion 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

Beirut 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

Tripoli 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

six columns 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

from the body of work WHITE MIDDLE SEA (2010- )

couple 90x113 cm

Lavriotiki 90x113 cm

excursionist 90x113 cm

from the body of work HOTEL HELLAS (2017- )

Nassim 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

marbles 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

cistern 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

receptionist 60x75 cm or 100x126 cm

from the exhibition of work A PHOTO ALBUM FROM CARLOVASSIA AND BEYOND (2023)

lantern 60x80 cm

Potami 60X80 cm 

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