- Welcome, did you return to stay, dear?
- I'm only visiting as always, but let's hug!

HOTEL HELLAS (ongoing since 2017)

Since my family's migration to Athens from the Lebanese civil war in 1989, my relationship to Greece evolved through the years into a impermanent place of "return". Those images convey fugitive presence glimpses, an ephemeral past existence, instant future projections, and the death of a precarious chronology.
They are also strands of an unfinished poem, dedicated to singing the ruins of belonging.

Depuis la migration de ma famille à Athènes de la guerre civile libanaise en 1989, ma relation avec la Grèce a évolué au fil des années en un lieu impermanent du "retour". Ces images véhiculent des aperçus de présence fugitives, une existence éphémère passée, des projections instantanées, et la mort d'une chronologie précaire.
Ils sont aussi les traces d'un poème inachevé, consacré à chanter les ruines de l'appartenance.

Από τη μετανάστευση της οικογένειάς μου στην Αθήνα από τον εμφύλιο πόλεμο του Λιβάνου το 1989, η σχέση μου με την Ελλάδα εξελίχθηκε με την πάροδο των χρόνων σε ένα μόνιμο τόπο "επιστροφής".
Αυτές οι εικόνες μεταδίδουν μια φαινομενική παρουσία, μια προηγούμενη εφήμερη ύπαρξη, στιγμιαίες προβολές στο μέλλον και το θάνατο μιας επισφαλούς χρονολογίας.
Είναι επίσης σκέλη ενός ημιτελή ποίημα, αφιερωμένο τραγούδι στα ερείπια του ανήκειν.

- Many pigeons landed on Noah's ark today!
- But no sign of life on board ...

- Are you always carrying around a backpack?
- I often come across a figure, mirroring my image, and it's always with a backpack.

- You often come here, but never with a fishing rod?
- For one terrible night, my friend, this white boat was my only hope for a better future in Europe. Today I walk here all the way from the camp, to watch my "hope" sinking slowly slowly in this beautiful Leros' bay.

- It seems we have a monument, to the memory of hundreds of excursions!
- And It manifested through this fog, in the vicinity of a farm, on the mountains of Epeirus.

- Don't be shy, let us kiss!
- But you're older than me...

- I sometimes find refuge in the silence of Athens' churches.
- But saints are easier to find on the streets, wrapped up in their tiredness.

- Luck has abandoned us!
- Faith in luck will never abandon us, my friend.

- What's that monument about?
- Forty-eight mattresses for forsaken dreams !

- Where do that choked scream come from?
- From the last cry of a slaughtered goat - τράγος, origin of tragedy - τραγωδία, birthplace of songs - τραγούδια.

- My home city seems void of hospitality!
- There are also times that we will feel as foreigners in an abandoned hotel.

- I came back from travel to find an empty refrigerator!
- It stayed empty since you emigrated, waiting for you ...

- Are we at the gates of the promised land? 
- There we are. And a strange receptionist, with his red mantle is guarding the entrance.

- What is so Ancient and precious about those Eleusis stones?
- Since the time or people who took shelter in their shade are gone, I suppose!

- Are you tired enough to look at me?
- From all the landscapes of the world, only here at this lakeside, we could have felt together, for an instant, the exhaustion and the warmth of an upcoming spring.

- Summer is at the gates!
- But our failures this winter are still tearing us apart.

- Are you still longing for your homeland, my dear?
- I'm just listening to the exiled twittering of those nightingales.