Urbanautica Institute - Sacred 2020


Edited by Urbanautica Institute / Curated by Steve Bisson / Published in 2020 / Number of pages 246 / Dimensions 19,5 x 24,5 / ISBN 960-7404-50-5 / Language English

The experience of beyond

A unique catalog covering the work of 30 photographers selected through our special call: Sacred. The Experience of Beyond.
A selection of projects that focus on the forms, meanings, contexts, perspectives, and places of the sacred experience.

Featuring works by Garrett Grove, Fyodor Telkov, Georges Salameh (ASNAM), Kelly O'Brien, Rob Stephenson, Jared Ragland, Giacomo Alberico, Polyvios Kosmatos, Simone D'Angelo, Maciej Leszczynski, Benoit Chailleux, Francesca Lucchitta, Arnaud Teicher, Gian Marco Sanna, Kurt Deruyter, Maria Kokunova, Zoe Sluijs, Victor Schnur, Alessandro Furchino Capria, Jimmy Fike, Sebastiano Raimondo, Willy Vecchiato, Alexis Vasilikos, Daria Nazarova, Clare O Hagan, Alessandro Varacca, Christopher Pryor, Natascha Kuederli, Stefano Canetta, S├ębastien Arrighi.