installation video (Italy 2008)

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One channel video projection with ambient sound.

Duration: 5min


Scrusciu, in the Sicilian dialect, the noise of the elements, wind or rain.

Scrusciu was composed as a visual score from 4 elements:
-“Φοίνικας”, the palm tree, the main character.
-“Αόρατος”, the invisible depth of things, a tortuous journey from the visible to the invisible, the space where the ancient Greeks posited knowledge and death.
-“Πάνορμος” the “all-port city”, the original name of Palermo, panorama, its memory.
-“Αέρας”, the sirocco, an engine for visions and obsessions.
All 4 elements orchestrate the “plot” of this movie.

Based on the Poem

Stand and look over the ruins, then close your eyes,

and listen to the sound of the sirocco, flapping against you.

“ Scrusciu”.

Fragmented pasts.



Christmas fruit.

And rain.

Di fronte a te le rovine.

Chiudi gli occhi.

Ascolta il sibilo dello scirocco.

“Scrusciu” che attraversa il tuo corpo.

Arriva un passato frammentato,

Mulini a vento e fantasmi,

Natale porta con sé i suoi frutti,

E la pioggia.

Original music

Sound Design 

Theofanis Avraam


Valeria Presta


Laura Sestito


Aperitivo Incorto Design (Palermo, Sicily, June 2008)

International Kansk Video festival (Kansk, Russia, August 2008)

Platforma Film&Video Festival (Athens, Greece, November 2008)