Oblivion leaves sediments too. On the surface of cities or in the depth of the sea. It may, in time become memory.

WHITE MIDDLE SEA (ongoing since 2010)

The Mediterranean sea (البحر الأبيض المتوسط - the White Middle Sea in arabic) is the geological and intangible heritage of all identity sedimentations. Open basin or cosmopolitan diversity graveyard to three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe.

I walk & walk in my natural habitat, its mountains, rivers, seasides, forests, cities, islands...
My eyes are those of an urban 'geologist', but my gaze is erratic: I wander its landscapes as if self-exiled.
Sedimentations of songs, stories, myths, migrations & longings leave a trace behind my path, some visible and some hidden. 
From shore to shore, layout and stratification, alienation, immobility, raw fiction, the poetics of light and humor, all play their part in this narrative.


Since the beginning of my visual endeavour, I experienced the Mediterranean territory, as a refuge, but also as a field of possibilities.

The cradle of civilisations, the basin of the Mediterranean has been a place where diversity & cosmopolitism alternatively flourished & decayed. People are migrating from a place to another almost always for the same reasons, only direction changes, depending on each new conflict, or calamity.

My work attempts an exploration of those “waves” as they hit the shores, albeit outside the framework of History.

Wandering mainly the Eastern Mediterranean shores, between the cities I lived and the ones I was hosted, when I have to define myself, I become a storyteller without a story...
I seek future and past catastrophes along the way.
I look for intersections, sedimentations, and evaporations in that upturning of depth that can be seen in the striated gap between realities, the reliefs of salt and stone, the canyons where rivers rush down towards the sea, the immemorial abyss of slowness that shows itself in the erosion and geology.
I mainly find it in the verticality of the metropolises, sinking in the chaos of urban space, running away through narrow trails on islands, on erupting mountains, on lethargic lakes, finding home in solitary ports and Faiyum portraits.

It is this notion of sedimentation that I would like to convey into this body of work through photography & walking bit by bit more of my natural habitat, where the only borders are dictated by its fauna and flora.

Athens, Greece

Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, Sicily

Avlona, Greece

Athens, Greece

Salina, Sicily

Palermo, Sicily

Ganci, Sicily

Beirut, Lebanon

Triopetra - Crete, Greece

Monte Carcaci, Sicily.

Paranesti, Drama, Greece

Alexandria, Egypt

Pireaus, Greece

Saida, Lebanon

Palaio Faliro, Greece

Zouq Mkayel, Lebanon

Tyre, Lebanon

Borgo Fenicio, Ragusa, Sicily

Mount Lebanon

Patmos, Greece

Motya, Sicily

Lesbos, Greece

Matera, Italy

Mani, Greece

Athens, Greece

Mondello, Sicily

Salamina, Greece

Lampedusa, Sicily

Ramnounda, Greece

Comiso, Sicily

Nicosia, Sicily

Eresos, Lesvos, Greece

Al Judaydeh, Lebanon

Poetto, Sardegna

Tyre, Lebanon

Larnaca, Cyprus

Marseilles, France

Chania, Crete, Greece

Madonie, Sicily

Cairo, Egypt

Sounion, Greece

Custonaci, Sicily

Cairo, Egypt

Agia Marina, Leros, Greece

Alexandria, Egypt

Mount Penteli, Attica, Greece

Barcelona, Spain

Beirut, Lebanon

Erice, Sicily

Piana degli Albanesi, Sicily

Isola dei Correnti, Sicily

Beirut, Lebanon

Alinta, Leros, Greece

Beit Mery, Lebanon

Favara, Sicily

Tripoli, Lebanon

Agiàsos, Lesbos, Greece

Selinunte, Sicily

Cyrene, Cyprus

Pireaus, Greece

Cairo, Egypt

Lampedusa, Italy

Nea Makri, Attica, Greece

Jounieh, Lebanon

Salina, Sicily

Faliro, Greece

Palermo, Sicily

Alexandria, Egypt

Marathona, Greece

Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy

Aannaya, Lebanon

Salina, Italy

Leros, Dodecanese, Greece

Beirut, Lebanon

Beit Mery, Lebanon

Marathona, Greece

Patras, Greece

Salina, Sicily

Tyre, Lebanon


The Ones We Love - Viaduct gallery (Des Moines, USA 2014)