Oblivion leaves sediments too. On the surface of cities or in the depth of the sea. It may, in time become memory. 

WHITE MIDDLE SEA (ongoing since 2010) 

The Mediterranean sea (المتوسط الأبيض البحر - the White Middle Sea in arabic) is the geological and intangible heritage of all identity sedimentations. Open basin or cosmopolitan diversity graveyard to three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe.
I walk & walk in my natural habitat, its mountains, rivers, seasides, forests, cities, islands...
My eyes are those of an urban 'geologist', but my gaze is erratic: I wander its landscapes as if self-exiled.
Sedimentations of songs, stories, myths, migrations & longings leave a trace behind my path, some visible and some hidden.
From shore to shore, layout and stratification, alienation, immobility, raw fiction, the poetics of light and humour, all play their part in this narrative.

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loop silent video from installation

The body of work WHITE MIDDLE SEA takes its roots in the specific phenomenon of my first trip on a boat, in late spring 1976, not knowing that this was my first time to migrate, from Beirut to Larnaca and then to Athens. In this series, I pretended to speak about my childhood, yet my real childhood had disappeared. I have lied about it so often since, that I no longer have a real memory of this time, and my childhood has become one lost yet familiar landscape.
Aren’t we made out of all the landscapes we have seen and we have forgotten?

Athens, Attica

Alexandria, Egypt

Livadi Beach, Thasos

Salina, Sicily

Palermo, Sicily

Nerokouros, Crete

Corinth, Peloponese

South of Lebanon

Paranesti, Drama

Alexandria, Egypt

Kardamili, Peloponese

Agora, Athens

Tripoli, Lebanon

Marsala, Sicily

Patra, Peloponese

Zouq Mkayel, Lebanon

Peristeria, Salamina

Karpovoulos, Samos

Saida, Lebanon

Palaio Faliro, Attica

Borgo Fenicio, Sicily

lake Doxa, Corinth

Doloi, Mani, Peloponese

Apetra, Crete

Motya, Sicily

Pythagorion, Samos

Aghiasos, Lesbos

Madonie, Sicily

Epirus, Greece

Larnaca, Cyprus

Tilos, Aegean sea

Dbaye, Lebanon

Livadi Geranou, Patmos

Tyre, Lebanon

Matera, Puglia

Kardamili, Mani, Peloponese

Xirocampos, Leros

Borgo Riena, Sicily

Mondello, Sicily

Corniche el Naher, Beirut

Agiásos, Lesbos

Selinunte, Sicily

Favarra, Sicily

Beirut, Lebanon

Lampedusa, Sicily

Ramnounda, Attica

Comiso, Sicily

Marseille, France

Parco della Favorita, Palermo, Sicily

Eresos, Lesbos

Kastro, Tilos

Al Judaydeh, Lebanon

Pedion tou Areos, Athens

Palermo, Sicily

Chania, Crete

 Pireaus, Attica

Tyre, Lebanon

Larnaca, Cyprus

Poetto, Sardegna

Marseilles, France

Beit Mery, Lebanon

Chora, Patmos

Madonie, Sicily

Pireaus, Attica

Sounion, Attica

Agia Marina, Leros

La Favorita, Palermo, Sicily

Mount Penteli, Attica

Erice, Sicily

Platanias, Chania, Crete

Piana degli Albanesi, Sicily

Isola dei Correnti, Sicily

Ain Mreisse, Beirut 

Mikro Horio, Tilos

Tyre, Lebanon

Palermo, Sicily

Beit Mery, Mount Lebanon

Phalasarna, Crete

Cala Creta, Lampedusa

Platanias, Chania, Crete.

Alexandria, Egypt

Kokkina, Leros

Favara, Sicily

Ancient Olive-grove, Egina.

Nicosia, Sicily

Cyrene, Cyprus

Pireaus, Attica

Karpovoulos, Samos

Pollara. Sicily

Mytilini, Lesbos

Salina, Sicily

Polyrrhenia, Crete

Faliro, Attica

Jounieh, Lebanon

Marathona, Attica

Tripoli, Lebanon

Schinias, Attica

Mount Etna, Sicily

Aannaya, Lebanon

Santa Marina, Salina


Patras, Peloponese

Tyre, Lebanon


The Ones We Love - Viaduct gallery (Des Moines, USA 2014)

Mediterranean Flux (Naxos, Greece, Sept. 2020)