When God says, "I lived", we’ll all have forgotten what rhymed all these separations.

Found Lost (ongoing since 2006)

Found Lost is a collection of contemplations inspired from this last sentence of the last published novel by Jack Kerouac, Satori in Paris.

Just before my departure, a silence at the edge of a lake echoes.

Always longing for the father, who was forced to emigration by the Venetians.

Is it waiting that consumes me or the desire to re-embrace my vanished captain ?

Man’s freedom and his right to error are redeemed in the urban body.

Separations are also unanswered queries.

Covered, but not hidden. Oblivious but not forgotten !

Sometimes airports make our departures ​​more bearable.

The perspective on a metropolis was found and then lost.

At the beach I am always worried. And if he never came back!

End of an era, a separation that echoes with depression.

Evicted, she always came back during the day to knit on the stairs of her old house.

I never saw the 'separating wall' of the city, I saw only one, invisible, between the poor and the wealthy.

I'm watching me from the distance that separates fear from serenity.

I would love to see this scene, found while strolling, in a Western museum of contemporary art, but then it would lose its beauty!

An ancient snapshot was found among the rubbles of a distant era, and then lost in a bushy angle of a public garden !

One empty couch and a simulation of a party!

- There are remnants of a room right in the corner of the most ancient Greek theatre.
- It was probably a safe place where you faced your fears just before going on stage!

- What ?
- Nothing, just remembered a dress I left in my previous apartment.

You can disguise yourself but you can never reveal your true mask.

Opposite her gaze used to stand the Twin Towers buildings. For an instant I saw them crumbling in front of the world's eyes.

- I see that you no longer bear any weight on your head in our modern bureaucracy !
- No, but now that they have erased my mouth, I can speak freely about all the burdens I have carried as a woman for centuries.

Separation between present and past manifests itself by two opposite light sources.

Together in waiting but separately.

Before crossing the line towards epiphany. A hurried, eternal step. Forgetting, nothing except forgetting, the image returned, by waiting, to forgetting.

The act of sweeping always reminds me of what is found and then instantly lost!

Together, but against each other!

In the heart of New York, Andy glorified, as an eternal shopper!

United by blood but so many trivial things that separate them!

Not knowing that you are preparing for a separation!

Fatigue separates me from the portals of a lost homeland.

Four pots on the upper floor in the former home of Gaetano Badalamenti, a powerful Godfather of the Sicilian Mafia.

Ivy in the forest, like thoughts fleeing your mind !

A suspension between two breaths, a future Fayum, or a portrayal of the absent and our quest for the Other…

She closed her eyelids, but I never knew if it was a separation.

Wall Street ashtray, empty.

Between me and the Empire State Building, water and few decades of progress.

At the doorstep of an art gallery, when you leave behind the works of an artists that you love, there's always a feeling of longing that you carry out with you, and postcards to remind you of the distance between both of you.

United by the turquoise color and separated by the staging ...

‘One naked truth’: Some turn their back on it, others ignore its existence, some look for it in the wrong places, and few face it. Separated categories of women in the Metropolitan Museum, New York.

The leaves of this mullberry tree will fall this autumn too, at the Prada Foundation, but they shall not touch the warm & humid soil to fertilize it. Instead they will be swept away as foreign limbs.

When God says, "I lived", we’ll all have forgotten what rhymed all these separations.

Before the ruins of Mubarak's NPD building, the Nile traverses serenely through the heart of Cairo. A crow and a black cat watches over the ghosts of a distant revolution. Dividing time in periods, seasons, or eras, is a man's invention.

Where do the statues go to die?

What remains of a luthier's craftsmanship is the sound that separates from his instruments and diffuses into the ocean of time.

The aesthetics of light and knowledge go hand in hand, in the West and in the East.

Two immigrants from the former USSR, so far away, but so close to their homeland.

What separates a man from Utopia is a thorny path whose cost is incalculable.

What we discover in an eye contact was already there and then lost!

Where the incomplete is a state of being and the semi-ruined is its counterpart!

- What is culture for us if not the in between space separating classes, religions and eras...

Is this the last remaining separation wall in 'fortress Europe'?

One hidden kiss behind the forbidden tree !

It is not a vanishing line but a main vein of modern times, power source from the heart of the city.

Always hard for kids to leave the beach, especially when the sun has already set !

What separates a child's fantasy world of tales from the dark forest of the real?

Daily, a small separation from the cocoon, almost a journey.

While waiting for my train to Alexandria, the only separation that mattered that morning is the one from one old man with a pink dustpan...

At the end of the day a separation until they meet again in next year's celebration.

Spring flowers, awaiting, oblivion...

One Athenian natural balcony, but still a mixed feeling, of separation and belonging!

You're not alone in a forest !

"Where the grass is arid, grows a feeling of injustice !" A clear separation between the world of smokers and non-smokers, but also a self-inflicted segregation.

Two generations separated by two different experiences of childhood and body temperatures.

It's probably where our worlds meet for a glimpse and our differences fade into eternity.

Built on the outskirts of the city, a ghostly new area, Al Shorouk, is abandoned at the mercy of the desert.

In prospect, three strata of monuments and eras, well separated, from Athens' contemporary history to antiquity: basketball court, a Byzantine church and the Parthenon.

Sometimes on the way, we ignore the directions to take the opposite path!

Standing where Saint Samaan the Tanner shook the Mokattam mountain centuries ago, in this 60's decadent cabaret, what seperates me from "Oum El Dounia "(Mother of the World) are army barracks overlooking Cairo's cityscape, making sure everything stays "quiet ".

She gave me that same gaze before she left me. With the cat, we had just met!

Separated from its natural habitat!

A Momentary separation from society. No Athenian do look up to the sky for over a minute without making a vow about a current topic of fear and hope. 

- They live!
- And then they fly away.

We buy flags like we wait for doomsday!

Berlin welcomed me with that scene, but group photos are usually taken just before farewells!

There are some situations you cross while walking on the other side of the world that feel so much of a Déjà vu!
It's not the ice cream itself but the expression that specific instant on this little girl's face, that smile where the whole world is orbiting around it...
It seems to you, just for a furtive moment, that you've already lived more than once!

Sometimes ports make our arrival more pleasant!

"I have amassed in the pockets of my life all the crumb I will need to get lost; these traces that I will leave behind to trace a path are doomed to disappear. I will feed the birds on the way." excerpt from the poem "Marées" - Sébastien Seixas

Sometimes innocence can seem so distant but so close at the same time.

Absence and the epic as a document, is nothing less than the end of a fictitious love story.

Sometimes in winter, a tree in bloom, at the corner of a street, suddenly relates us to the gap that separates that moment from better days.

Mist, what makes separations permeable.

Lakes separating Finland from Russia become in the winter iced-roads uniting the two countries.

When different worlds intersect in your field of vision but still remain separate!

In Cairo, the ruins are alongside the mythology of a changeless time. Only one thing separates them: electricity.

Camouflaged dream of returning to where tempo came from !

How do you gaze at a woman's face when more than a lifetime separates you?

Reflecting two opposing bodily expressions: shyness and defiance.

The soil you walk separates you and brings you together.



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