Macerie IV

At Favara and Palermo was hosted the fourth edition of "Macerie". Georges Salameh, Serena Osti, Claudia Fan, Andrea Kantos, David Genna & Andrea Mineo were confronted with the urban fabric of the city, formed by the degraded old town and its illegal construction: a landscape mainly made out of historical ruins and rubble; those of past speculations and mafia, and those of present restaurations. One of which is FARM CULTURAL PARK reviving the town with numerous cultural projects , producing a sense for the community and relaborating a future according to new codes.
In a way, the artists had to project into the future, through a critical reading of the landscape, and dissect deep into the actual context.
From the second world War to date, investing in construction has become very profitable, to the detriment of the environment and not only. Today many buildings remain vacant, others are still abandoned.
Rubble over rubble, metaphysical rubble, of war or modernity; crisis have always produced rubble.
We were conveyed by "Macerie VI" a long term project by Andrea Mineo to question how it is possible to transcend them, transform them, incorporate them and sublimate them.
Favara was also choosed because of our residency @ Farm Cultural Park and Dimora OZ for its partnership & previous experiences on such field of artistic reasearch.

Andrea Mineo artist & founder of Macerie

Let us Stop and Weep  / In Piedi Davanti le Rovine

My work produced in Favara is inspired by works and the role of an Arab poet: "Imru’l Qais", author of one of the famous "seven suspended poems" from the pre-Islamic era, and his vision of rebirth from the rubble ...
These works are made through a combination of senses, found in situ objects, a detailed documentation and an innovative comparison of reality.

residency @ Favara Culture Farm


Farm residence


exhibition @ Dimora OZ


pigeon feather, collected from Favara (found often in ruined & abandoned homes)


salt stones, collected from Favara (used in construction of the typical local architecture)


slides, collected from an abondoned school in Favara


slide, collected from an abandoned school in Favara & projected on printed photograph


combination of a selfportrait with work by Davide Genna & debris

opening night @ Dimora OZ (2 sept -10 oct)

Giusi Affronti guest curator of Macerie VI

 pasta reale by Andrea Kantos

Porta Palermo by Davide Genna

Augendikatur by Serena Osti


Humble Arts Foundation


Sudario Numero Uno