une balle

une balle - one ball - un pallone

“Aujourd’hui j’ai eu la visite de mes enfants. Le petit m’a demandé de lui fabriquer quelque chose. C’est pour ça que maintenant je dis qu’il faut que je fasse un vélo qui vole …” (prisonnier, condamné pour crime passionnel)

“Today I had a visit from my children. The youngest asked me to make something for him. That’s why I say that now I have to make a bicycle that flies …” (prisoner, condemned for passion crime)

"Oggi ho avuto una visita dai miei figli. Il più giovane mi ha chiesto di fare qualcosa per lui. Ecco perché ora dico che devo fare una bici che vola ... "(prigioniero, condannato per delitto passionale)

Some images have their own life, sometimes they haunt you for years, until one day they become an icon of your imagination, a fruit of your experience, and a story to be told outside History. They become like storytelling lasting as long as the narration unfolds, before they fade back into oblivion.

I took this picture in 1999, while working on the "la maison de Caen", a photographic essay about crimes of passion.
Only 6 years later it surfaced back into a short tale: a story woven around a rolling ball from the prison ward of Koridallos to the port of Piraeus, to the port of Rotterdam and then loosing it in the world of similes...
It created itself one real fictional space, a movie I called after a song: "hold my me".