Όρος Φαλακρό (Italy, 2007)

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English subtitles


duration 28’34”


Train stations, sleep, memories, Orestis’ forefathers, a gaida’s tone, witnesses to civil war, the patter of snow on mount Falakro, uproar at the Nestos delta, bear tracks, roadside stories, all fragments, all a pilgrimage, all verses from Theodoris’ song.

Des gares, le sommeil, les ancêtres d’Oreste, le timbre d’une “gaida”, des témoins de la guerre civile, la neige sur le mont Falakro, un tumulte au delta du Nestos, des traces d’ours, des histoires cueillies sur le bord de la route : tout n’est que fragments, pèlerinage, couplets de la chanson de Theodoris.

Stazioni di treno, il sono, ricordi, antenati, il suono d’una gaida, la guerra civile, il monte Falakro, un tormento al delta del Nestos, orme d’orso, storie da marciapiede. Sono tutti frammenti che fanno parte di un pellegrinaggio, tutti versi di una canzone di Theodoris.

Σιδηροδρομικοί σταθμοί, ύπνος, η μνιμη, οι πρόγονοι του Ορέστη, μάρτυρες του εμφυλίου πολέμου, η φλυαρία του χιονιού στο όρος Φαλακρό, η οχλοβοή στο δέλτα του Νέστου, ίχνη από αρκούδες, ιστορίες καθοδόν, τα πάντα θραύσματα, τα πάντα ένα προσκύνημα, τα πάντα στίχοι από το τραγούδι του Θεοδώρη.

Director’s Statement

I offer my memories of Mount Falakro in a film shot in 1997 but edited 10 years later as a diary of a journey. This journey to the regions of Macedonia and Thrace in northern Greece was made for environmental purposes. Theodoris, a map designer and Orestis head of the Arctouros environmental centre for the protection of bears, based in Xanthi, led me over and through the mountain for the course of those six days. But what remains, preserved in the film, is a pilgrimage, recalled with difficultly as in a dream, or rather an emotion, released through a song.




Platforma Film&Video Festival (Athens, Greece, December 2007)

Trieste Documentary Film Festival (Trieste, Italy, January 2008)

Ecocinema (Piraeus, Greece, February 2008)

LANDSCAPE Stories (Italy 2014)