Urban of

Urban of - De la ville – Της Πόλης

7th International Month of photography (today Athens Photo Festival) - Eos Gallery – ΗΩΣ χώρος Τέχνης, Athens (2000):
Alexandros Mistriotis, Georges Salameh & Yorgos Prinos propose a single body of photographs.

In these photographs where formulated ideas and concepts are avoided, the feeling expressed is that only by assuming namely confusion, contradiction, bad taste one can overcome them.

By sinking in chaos we abolish it.

To perceive urban space one has to love cities, otherwise his effort shall remain on the surface and fall of its body.

Chaos resists us because we resist it, for chaos becomes man.

In quest of the appropriate distance, moving towards urban space or towards ourselves, wandering in time expanding, we discover the entire minimum.

The whole breathes life into detail.

Detail, in turn, unravels the whole.

Urban space is endless for man is the starting point and the final limit.

Man’s freedom and his right to error are redeemed in its body.

The city is the people. It is determined daily. Cumulatively and dynamically it realises our anxieties and our generosity.

Through our apprentice in Athens and other cities we start off to embrace a space neither for what we want it to be but for what it is and eludes us.